A. LONG. WAY. by Birthe Templin

It is strange why you stick to the one movie you want to do. It comes from somewhere deep, that`s for sure. Or it is just neurotic and obsessive. However, the BKM, the German Ministry of Culture, funded our film. After years of work, travelling, pitching, eating pasta with butter. And giving up and getting up again. The trailer will follow soon. Freedom tastes beautiful.

THERE WE GO by Birthe Templin

Finally we continue shooting our documentary woMEN (wt) about the sworn virgins in Albania. On the picture you see Marta, she is 92 years old and she has been living her life as a man for 75 years now. Bardie, on the picture below, has become a sworn virgin by the age of 17. I am still impressed.



Sein berühmtes Lied SUNNY ist nun 50 Jahre alt und Trocadero Records hat zu diesem Jubiläum mit unserem Material ein kleines Filmchen geschnitten. In Memory of the great Bobby Hebb. Enjoy.

His famous song SUNNY is 50 years old now and Trocadero Records edited a little movie out of our material for this jubilee. In memory of the great Bobby Hebb. Enjoy.

SLOMO by Birthe Templin

Ich freu mich. Die Journalistin und Autorin OKKA ROHD hat auf ihrem Blog SLOMO eine Liebesliste von mir veröffentlicht. Danke, Okka!

OKKA ROHD published an interview with me on her Blog. THANK YOU!